Preventive and Paediatric Dental Program

Dealing with children differs from dealing with adults! Becoming friends with your child and building a bridge of trust and friendship is the first step in succeeding with the treatment .

We start our preventive programs very early in your child's life, even before birth, by advising the mother about taking care of her baby's mouth and un-erupted teeth, providing a healthy environment for the teeth once they come out!

Come and visit us with your child once the teeth are erupted, through playing we will show you how to take care of them and your child will not develop any fear of us.

During your consequent visits, we will provide professional cleaning, Fluoride applications to prevent tooth decay. The application of sealants is also part of our preventive program, as is the fabrication of custom made mouth guards to protect the teeth during sports.

If dental decay, caries, happens, we will treat it, keeping in mind the importance of baby teeth to your child's development.

An orthodontist comes to our clinics to deal with any orthodontic problems you or your child might have!