Computed Radiology

At our clinic we are using Digital Radiography combined with Computed Radiography (CR), making the radiological exposure to the patient less, at the same time increasing  the picture quality.

 Here you can see many of the advantages in comparison with classical radiography

  • No silver based film or chemicals are required to process film.
  • Computed radiography often requires fewer retakes due to under- or over-exposure which results in lower overall dose to the patient.
  • Image acquisition is much faster - image previews can be available instantly.
  • By adjusting image brightness and/or contrast, a wide range of thicknesses may be examined in one exposure, unlike conventional film based radiography, which may require a different exposure or multiple film speeds in one exposure to cover wide thickness range in a component.
  • Images can be enhanced digitally to aid in interpretation.
  • Images can be stored on disk or transmitted for off-site review.
  • Ever growing technology makes the CR more affordable than ever today. With Chemicals, dark room storage and staff to organize them, you could own a CR for the same monthly cost while being environmentally conscious, depending on the size of the Radiographic Operation.