About us


Our clinic was founded in 1974 by Dr. Ani Attar, who followed her husband to his homeland Jordan. At that time she had already a five year working experience in her homeland, Slovenia. She still enjoys working and loves her job, specially aesthetic dentistry. By now her work experience mounts to 40 years, in which she managed to build bridges of trust and freindship with her patients.

Immediately after graduation from the University of Jordan, her daughter Dr. Yasmin Attar joined the clinic in 1991. She combines the reach experience of her mother with new energy and new knowledge of modern dentistry, for continuing family practice.

In  1993 Dr. Larissa Al Uar, also graduated from the University of Jordan and after a year of internship at the University hospital, joined the team. She is our team's encyclopedia.

Our latest additon to the team is Dr.Dima Rawabdeh ,who joined our clinic in 2001, after graduating from the University of Science and Technology.


Dentists working at our clinic


Once you enter our clinic  you will be met by nurse  Ana Bitar, who will look after you  before and after the dental treatment. She is an indispensable part of our team, being with us for 22 years by now.

 Shereen and Faten, our two dental assistants, who will take  care of you during the treatment and are irreplacable help to our dentists.

We believe in being a team, therefor we communicate with each other in order to provide you, our patient, with the best possible treatment  options.